We are specialist’s when manufacturing gas cylinders, gas springs and dampers. This has come from years of experience in the industry from when the gas cylinder was first born. We are always innovating on new types of gas cylinder’s and solutions in all market sectors from office, industrial and home application’s. If you look at some of our brochures it illustrates some of the types that we are able to produce. We also do very specialist solutions that aren’t in the brochure’s, if you have such an enquiry please email and we will be happy to help. We have one of the largest supply of specialist cylinders in stock ranging from 5” heavy duty, soft cushion cylinders’, soft bottom cushioning cylinders, smart cylinders’, auto return, auto lift, auto return auto lift, non swivel, two stage cylinders, cable realise cylinders’, low pressure cylinders, one way locking cylinders and many more. Choice of 50mm cones to 40mm cones, standard cylinders, drop centres to extreme drop cylinders are all readily available. Different finishes of each type such as black, chrome, brushed steel, we will have something to suit your needs.

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