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SUSCOM INDUSTRIES LIMITED has been a trusted supplier to the office furniture and furniture industry for over 25 years and its founder has been a well-known figure within the same industry for a lot longer. Suscom has also started up its own in-house production facility which is thought to have the most automated machinery and technology in the industry, this means all the products are finished to the highest standard. We can offer high quality with an excellent service for the right price.Lifelong experiences and an ability to gain access to products from all over the world have made SUSCOM a key figure in this market. SUSCOM is proud to count some of the largest office furniture manufacturers as its clients today.

With a broad range of solutions and the organisational culture to extraordinary lengths in order to full fill client’s needs we should have the right solution for you. Whether it is manufacturing/sourcing, technical ability or advice, cost saving exercises or even as far as outsourcing and adding value activities, Suscom is here to help.

We have one of the largest stocks of different types of gas cylinders and springs for all different applications. We pride ourselves on also being specialists within the Gas Cylinder field, being able to provide solutions many others cannot.  If you can’t find the solution for you please just ask and we would be happy to assist.

With clients worldwide, our references speak for themselves whether it is on standard products, tooling, design work and much more. With expert knowledge and years of experience this has become invaluable to most clients helping with technical design on all different products and application within the furniture industry.


With in house manufacturing facilities and partners worldwide, we at Suscom pride ourselves on our ability to always being able to provide a solution. This has worked well on special projects, standard products with high quality at the right price.
We appreciate that in the world of modern business, prices is key as to whether your company may get a tender or not. We proactively are looking for new alternative methods in manufacturing in conjunction with our suppliers in order to try and cost save without compromising quality. We now offer a cost saving exercise which entails of Suscom looking at different products that clients buy, in order to see whether we can potentially make cost saving.
At Suscom we work closely with our suppliers along with our engineering background gives us a competitive edge when it comes to tooling. With in-house CAD we can also do mould flow analysis, design/structural analysis, prototyping and much more as, we go to any length to satisfy our customers. This is no different with tooling as we like to give clients multiple avenues to explore to see which option is best for them.
We at Suscom now offer a range of exclusive products. We have found this to be more important to clients, as they want their own exclusive products. Partly due to branding and being able to win contracts not just based on price, Suscom can offer exclusives on ranges of complete furniture to components. Please enquire for more details.
Having a 45,000sq foot factory gives Suscom great ability to stock hold for clients. This allows Suscom clients to use more JIT methods of manufacturing in order to cost save and use their space more effectively. Not only this, we also offer subassembly in order to help clients, for more information please enquire.
Suscom understands it is very important to be green more now than ever as the world is more eco-conscience. We are currently looking at greener products and projects such as our new flip ring base so that it make it much easier in order to recycle. We will publish further information about new greener products as they come out.

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